Soft Lipomodel - Type T

Soft Lipomodel - Type T


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Dimensioni (LxHxP) 53.00 x 28.00 x 55.00 cm
Liposuzione Specifiche 230V-50HZ / 115V-60HZ
Weight 17.50 Kg
Unit per pack 1
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After the extraordinary success obtained with Soft Lipomodel in the resolutive treatment of adipose accumulation's excesses, thanks to a safe methodology without side effects, L.I.C.A. presents the new SOFT LIPOMODEL "T", which offers technological innovations as well as a greater versatility in use. The methodology consists in the breaking of the adipose membrane through a thermal action created by a high-frequency bipolar electrical field suitably modulated (Joule effect). This way liquefied fat can be aspirated step by step using small needles (Ø max. 2,7 mm.). The technique requires neither the patient's hospitalisation nor incisions It will not cause saggings, irregularities or cavitations Circulatory and lymph structures are much more respected Working instruments small size permits treatment of even the top layers of the adipose membrane The technique produces a marked "lifting effect", as fat deposits are removed and skin retracts to conform perfectly to the body's new volume The versatility of the Soft Lipomodel model "T" allows the performance of lipolysis with two different working methodologies, according to the chosen handle (controlled by the operator from the remote control or directly from the handle) With a single monopolar needle which operates creating the electro-thermal field through an electrosurgical plate with epidermical application With two parallel needles-electrodes, one injects physiological solution, the other aspirates it together with the fat Accessories: The appliance is sold in two versions which are different only according to the “T” or to the “B” type handle: - code 60 LEMSLB with B type handle, 1 needle + extracorporeal plate - code 60 LEMSLT with T type handle, 2 needles During each session with SOFT LIPOMODEL the operator needs a complete set of spare parts and accessories, some of them in a sterile packaging. L.I.C.A. supplies a complete KIT of accessories and spare parts with each device, in the below described packaging: Both versions of the SOFT LIPOMODEL device are supplied with the following KIT, which includes the spare parts and the documentation which are necessary for the installation, the starting and the maintenance of the device: - Waste container for sucked matter (1 pc.) - Supply cable (1 pc.) - Key (2 pcs.) - 3,15 A fuse (4 pcs.), for external socket - 5 A fuse (3 pcs.), to be used only by authorized technicians - 1 A fuse (2 pcs.), to be used only by authorized technicians - Directions for use and maintenance - Warranty Certificate - Conformity Declaration. When purchasing SOFT LIPOMODEL with B type handle L.I.C.A. supplies the following KIT OF ACCESSORIES AND SPARE PARTS: - Disposable sterile monopolar needle 2,0 x 160 mm. - Disposable sterile monopolar needle 2,5 x 240 mm. - Disposable sterile monopolar needle 3,0 x 260 mm. - Disposable sterile p/a kit 20mm x 2,0(2p) - 170mm x 1,5(1p) - Disposable sterile p/a kit 20mm x 3,0(1p) - 170mm x 1,5(1p) - Punch - Plate fastener - Disposable aspiration tube - Disposable injection tube - Disposable extracorporeal plate – 144 sq. cm. - Sterile tube for peristaltic pump** - Remote control Documentation: Deplian Kit


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Soft Lipomodel - Type T

Soft Lipomodel - Type T

Liposuction Specifications: 230V-50HZ / 115V-60HZ Dimensions (WxHxD): cm 53.00 x 28.00 x 55.00 Weight: Kg 17.50 Confection unit: 1

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