Skin Abrader Compact M

Skin Abrader Compact M


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Dimensioni (LxHxP) 40.00 x 26.00 x 50.00 cm
Microdermoabrasione Medica Specifiche american type 110 V – 60 Hz – 480 W
Weight 15 Kg
Unit per pack 1
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SKIN ABRADER COMPACT M has got an engine which is much more powerful than the one of SKIN ABRADER COMPACT. SKIN ABRADER machines use a controlled vacuum to spray very fine, sterile crystals abrading away the damaged outer layers of tissue Micro-dermabrasion is the most successful methodology to treat trauma and burn scars, stretch marks, acneic scars, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, senescence of the skin and to renew healthy skin Vacuum micropeeling technique proved to be more effective, more reliable and safer than compression technique. MISTRUST IMITATION SKIN ABRADER COMPACT M has minimum volume and greater manufacturing simplicity. These peculiarities mean greater functionality and a cheap price while keeping up with the methodology excellent efficacity. All machines are supplied with a handle and with abrasion and peeling tips that are sterile and disposable A complete free kit of advanced repair and hydrating products, which provide a comprehensive skin care and rejuvenation program, is included in price ORIGINAL VACUUM TECHNOLOGY PATENTED IN INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRIES Accessories: We supply a Kit of products for each appliance. It includes some parts essential to installation, start and service of the device: - Peeling handle foe aesthetical use with peeling head - Central part of the handle - 5 mm OR - 6 mm OR - 2 fuses 2,0 A - Funnel - Brush - Main voltage cable Documentation: Skin Abrader Metodology Skin Abrader Skin Abrader Presentation Papers


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Skin Abrader Compact M

Skin Abrader Compact M

Medical Microdermabrasion Specifications: american type 110 V – 60 Hz – 480 W Dimensions (WxHxD): cm 40.00 x 26.00 x 50.00 Weight: Kg 25.00 Confection unit: 1

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