• Acne-prone skin, oily...

    Pimples, greasy appearance and pores are just some of the distinctive characteristics of oily skin. At sight, oily skin looks shiny and oily, may have pores obviously dilated and is more susceptible to acne. Our formulations contain fruit acids and propolis, powerful antibacterial.

  • Reddened skin,...

    Temperature variations and climatic agents easily weaken the natural skin barriers. Sensitive skin are affected in particular by these phenomena and increasingly need protective cosmetics and soothing. 
    The products of this line have been formulated for sensitive skin.
    They contain active and delicate herbal extracts and perfumes without allergens.

  • Skins with...

    Skin blemishes are the consequence of alterations in the functioning of melanocytes (the cells involved in the production of the pigment melanin) that with age tend to get “stuck” so the distribution of melanin does not appear uniform and face zones occur lighter or darker. Our cosmetics, dedicated to this imperfection, are formulated with plant extracts and sunscreens to protect, mitigate and combat the formation of spots. Specific treatments that will produce good results.

  • Mature Skin, Wrinkled,...

    Skin aging is an inevitable biological phenomenon. The number and activity of fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen in the dermis, are gradually reduced over time. Our formulations are rich in active ingredients that help to prevent and combat the formation of wrinkles. Synergistic blends activate the natural production of collagen and elastin.

  • Dry skins
  • Normal skin

    Our beauty products are designed for normal skins to maintain as long as possible the ideal characteristics of a skin “perfect”. Help prevent wrinkles, protect the skin from air pollution and make it bright and clear.

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