Compact peel

Compact peel


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Dimensioni (LxHxP) 30.00 x 35.00 x 21.00 cm
Microdermoabrasione Medica Specifiche 230V-50HZ / 115V-60HZ
Weight 5.50 Kg
Unit per pack 1
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Compact Peel is the most innovative and effective cutaneous regeneration technique with vacuum. It smoothes the superficial layer of epidermis and removes dead cells, assuring evident results since the first treatment session. Exfoliation realized by a flux of aluminium oxide micro crystals (corundum) provokes a cellular “turn over” and, as a consequence, a physiological process of skin rejuvenation, giving a more brilliant and bright complexion. Skin rejuvenation, produced by the peeling technique, is completed by the use of a series of products offered with the device. These products are the basis of L.I.C.A. methodology and have been specifically formulated to improve skin appearance and to obtain safe and effective results. This beauty machine, manufactured by the Vacuum methodology inventor, proved to be the safer and technologically more advanced device. Compact Peel is compact, handy and very cheap to satisfy requests of all Beauty Salons and their clients. Accessories: A replacing KIT is supplied with each device. This KIT includes the following parts to perform installation, start and maintaining: - Supply cable - Disposable micro peeling new crystals 500 gr. - Waste container - OR 6 mm - OR 5 mm - 2 fuses 2,0 A - Peeling hand piece for aesthetic use with peeling top head - Central part of hand piece (without nozzle) for pneumatic circuit cleaning Documentation: Hydro Beauty Compact Methodology Compact Peel Compact Peel Presentation


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Compact peel

Compact peel

Microdermoabrasion Specifications: 230V-50HZ / 115V-60HZ Dimensions (WxHxD): cm 41.40 x 24.60 x 50.50 Weight: Kg 5.50 Confection unit: 1

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