Beauty skin compact

Beauty skin compact


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Dimensioni (LxHxP) 35.00 x 25.00 x 40.00 cm
Microdermoabrasione Medica Specifiche 230V-50HZ / 115V-60HZ
Weight 8 Kg
Unit per pack 1
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An innovative methodology to heal, revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. A flow of sterile micro-crystals removes damaged skin cells by performing a deep and progressive “peeling”. The resulting increase in cellular turnover leaves the skin smoother, softer and younger looking. Increased cutaneus permeability allows an optimal absorption of active principles: nourishing and revitalizing skin care products, used both in the beauty salon and at home, are part of a comprehensive methodology that will surprise you for its effectiveness. Micro dermabrasion is ideal for every skin type. It has no contraindication, is painless and does not require anaesthesia. Normal activities can be resumed immediately. The patented vacuum technology assures maximum safety. Sterile, disposable components and advanced viral filtration system prevent any chance of cross contamination. Accessories: We supply a Kit of products for each appliance. It includes some parts essential to installation, start and service of the device: - Peeling handle for aesthetical use with peeling head - Central part of the handle - 5 mm OR - 6 mm OR - 2 fuses 2,0 A - Funnel - Brush - Main voltage cable Documentation:


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Beauty skin compact

Beauty skin compact

Microdermoabrasion Specifications: 230V-50HZ / 115V-60HZ Dimensions (WxHxD): cm 41.40 x 24.60 x 50.50 Weight: Kg 5.50 Confection unit: 1

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